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How Sinful is UK Property?

Posted by DanielM on February 26, 2019 · 1 min read data analysisdumb

Here, at LandInsight, we have a ton of data on UK property. In particular we know who owns what and can perform searches on this data. This enables us to ask “very important questions”, such as the following:

Across England and Wales, which of the seven deadly sins is most common in UK Property?

Using our ownership search feature, we can easily find companies with one of the sins in their name…


… dumping the results into python …

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd

data = pd.DataFrame([
    ["Lust", 1, 1],
    ["Gluttony", 0, 0],
    ["Greed", 0, 0],
    ["Sloth", 1, 2],
    ["Wrath", 0, 0],
    ["Envy", 8, 20],
    ["Pride", 87, 189],
], columns = ['sin', 'companies', 'titles'])
data = data.set_index('sin')


…and a moment later, we can review…


The graph shows both the number of “sinful” companies and the number of land titles they own.

Who’d have guessed? The UK property industry is not greedy, it’s not even that slothful. Rather, there is simply too much pride kicking around. Therefore, in order to solve the housing crisis, we propose having a little more humility.

If you have similar questions you need an answer to, do let us know. Or better yet, apply for one of our jobs and lookup the answer yourself.

P.S. Sometimes we do slightly more serious analysis on our data and it gets published in newspapers and trade magazines.

data analysisdumb
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